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Great Sleep-Aire prices for a nationally known brand

Spring Air Sleep-Aire is proud to be a distributor of Spring Air quality mattress sets. We have the largest selection of Spring Air mattresses in the Puget Sound area, carrying the following fine products:


Back Supporter Back Supporter - Designed with comfort for the back in mind. Back supporter mattresses not only provide relief for aching backs, but also needed support in the lumbar region. These mattresses feature improvements in coil and foam technology to further enhance comfort and support.

Back Supporter Comfort Caress - The ultra-premium Back Supporter model, providing the ultimate in quality and comfort for the most discerning taste. Features top-of-the-line components such as dual gauge, dual zoned inner springs, an enhanced inner spring perimeter, and a total balance coil system.

Coils Comfort Flex - Featuring heat tempered, individually encased coils, which respond and cradle the body for excellent conformance. The foam encased wireless edge construction provides an expandable usable sleeping surface, a superior sitting edge, reduced motion disturbance, and is nearly indestructible.

European Comfort Flex - The Comfort Flex with the enhancement of an imported European spring unit.

These Spring Air models feature the following:

NeverTurn™ Advantage - You never have to turn your mattress. Spring Air’s mattresses are constructed so they resist body impressions for years.

Stabilizing Base Foam - Reduces mattress motion, absorbing coil movement and thus helping to ensure a restful night's sleep.

AntiMicrobial Treated Fibers - Spring Air offers treated fabrics and fibers to help alleviate allergic reactions, reducing the exposure to dust mites, molds, and fungi, and inhibiting the growth of some bacteria.

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