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Do you have a boat, an RV, an antique headboard or frame, or a need for a mattress of a unique size and shape? Sleep-Aire can help you! We believe that odd-shaped and sized mattresses should be as comfortable as the one you sleep on every night. We make them to your specifications exactly.

Boat Boats - Besides supplying boat-owners with upgraded quality mattresses, we’ve supplied mattresses to nationally known boat manufacturers such as Criss Craft, Bayliner and Camarge. We also make mattresses for Crowley Marine commercial boats.
Recreational Vehicles - After a day of exploring, you deserve a refreshing sleep! Make sure your RV mattress is as comfortable as the one in your bedroom at home. RV
Antique Frames & Headboards - Our forefathers and mothers may have had a great understanding of beauty, but their ideas of comfort often left much to be desired.If you have an antique frame or headboard, Sleep-Aire can design a comfortable mattress to fit, and you will sleep better than your ancestors could have dreamed.
Institutions - We make custom styled and sized mattresses for a wide variety of institutions, such as schools and universities, hotels and motels, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. Our customers include the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, Bastyr University, and Children's Orthopedic Hospital, just to name a few. University

What's your special sleep need? Just let us know!

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